180 Obstacle Course Full

$325.00 /perday


Get ready for an adrenaline fueled adventure with our 180 obstacle challenge full! This action-packed inflatable obstacle course is designed to ignite competitive spirit and provide hours of heart racing excitement.

Two players start at the entrance, ready to dash through a thrilling array of obstacles, each presenting a unique challenge. From tunnels to walls, and from hurdles to climbing structures, participants must navigate their way through this ultimate test of speeding agility. The highlight of the course comes with the sharp 180° turn that has an extra element of thrill and excitement. 

As the players speed up the ladder, anticipation builds, and they race down the exhilarating slide. At the end of the slide, a safe bumper awaits, where the fun restarts for another round of excitement and competition!

You can rent the entire package for a sensational two-player showdown, for friends, family, or colleagues can engage an epic challenges. Alternatively you have the option to choose to rent only one side of the obstacle course as well.

2 circuits required


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